CBD Oil vs. Cannabis Oil vs. Hemp Oil for Dogs

CBD Oil vs. Cannabis Oil vs. Hemp Oil for Dogs

With all of the terms being used to describe CBD Oil and other cannabis compounds, it becomes difficult to understand the role of each type of oil that’s out there.

Here’s a quick breakdown of three oils that have gained a lot of attention lately:

CBD oil:

CBD is a compound that’s extracted from the cannabis plant. It can be found in hemp and marijuana, which are both members of the cannabis species. The CBD oil that’s being sold legally across the U.S. is derived from hemp, which means that it contains less than 0.3 percent THC and it won’t make you feel “high.”

Cannabis oil:

Cannabis oil comes from the marijuana plant and it offers a number of cannabinoids, including both CBD and THC. The amount of THC present in cannabis oil ranges, depending on the plant variety. cannabis oil offers many health benefits, including its ability to improve sleep disorders, reduce anxiety, boost appetite, relieve pain and help prevent cancer. It does, however, have psychoactive effects, which can be more intense when THC levels are higher.

Hemp oil:

Hemp oil (also called hemp seed oil) is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant. It can be found in your local grocery or health food store, and it does not contain THC. Hemp oil serves as an excellent source of polyunsaturated fatty acids and other important nutrients, and it’s commonly added to recipes or applied topically to boost skin health. Sometimes, hemp seed oil is used as a carrier oil in CBD products.

Find out more about the proper dosage for your dog here.

How to Properly Give Your Dog CBD Oil

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