CBD Oil Dosage: What’s Best for Your Health Needs?

CBD Oil Dosage: What's Best for Your Health Needs?

Maybe by now you’re convinced that CBD oil can be a transforming approach to natural medicine. Every day, more and more research is conducted on the many health benefits of CBD oil.

So far we know that this cannabinoid has powerful therapeutic effects and can help to relieve issues including pain, anxiety, depression, nausea, seizures and maybe even cancer.

But if you’re like so many other consumers, you’re a bit confused about the best CBD oil dosage for your health concerns. You may not be comfortable deciding how and when to take CBD oil either. While there’s no one answer for these questions, as everyone reacts differently to cannabinoids, there is a simple way to responsibly determine the best dose for you, your loved one and your pets, too!

How to Take CBD Oil? First, Know Your Goals

Here’s the first thing you need to know before using CBD oil for its therapeutic value — what’s your goal? Are you using it to relieve pain, ease anxiety, reduce nausea, fight a headache or improve your sleep?

Knowing why you’re using CBD will help you to find the best dose for your needs. In a nutshell, the best CBD oil dosage for you depends on why you are taking it, the severity of your symptoms and the delivery method.

How do you know if the CBD oil dosage is working for you? Well, you know that you’ve hit the CBD dosage “sweet spot” if your symptoms have improved! That is, after all, the goal of using any type of CBD product, whether you’re trying to relieve anxiety, improve digestion or reduce chronic pain.

Use the way you felt before taking CBD as your baseline and measure how you feel after each trial dose. You may need to try a few different doses before pinpointing the best one for you and your needs.

Which Receptors to Target for CBD Oil

External cannabinoids, including CBD, target receptors in the endocannabinoid system. These receptors exist throughout the entire body, including your brain, nervous system and digestive system. CBD oil works by activating these receptor sites.

The problem is that most people have an overloaded or taxed endocannabinoid system, which can lead to issues like stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, inflammation and digestive problems. This is where CBD comes in — it works to calm the sympathetic nervous system or “fight or flight response.” In this state, your organs can’t function properly and your health begins to fail. But by activating receptors in the central nervous system, your body comes out of this overtaxed state and returns to homeostasis, where it can thrive.

Time Frame and Method

For most people, it takes about 30 minutes to feel the positive effects of CBD oil after ingesting it or applying it topically, but this may alter depending on the product’s concentration and potency.

The method you use to take CBD will also alter the amount of time it takes to feel the effects. One of the easiest and most effective ways to use the cannabinoid is to place CBD oil from a tincture under your tongue for about 30 seconds and then swallow it. The amount of oil you use depends on a few factors that are described below.

Reference:  Christine Ruggeri, CHHC 3/11/19

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